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Defeat the Dreaded "Artist Block"

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Many, if not all of us at one point or another has felt stuck, frozen in our attempts to move forward creating. This is often referred to as "Artist Block." It can be utterly crippling, preventing even the most seasoned artist from performing.

To be prolific as an artist is imperative. One must create without restriction to thrive in today's demanding markets. In addition, I personally believe that the act of creation in itself is too important to allow for interference, regardless of its source. We are artists, we need to create… it's what we do.

Imagine if you were free of all burden, able to reach your potential and beyond… never restricted by doubt, hesitation or fear. Can you picture how great that would feel? Perfect... then you can accomplish it!

Here's some tips you can employ to defeat the dreaded "Artist Block."

  • Don't Force It ~ You'll know within the first few minutes if you can art that day. If you cannot without distress, don't! Leave your work, come back to it later, or the next day…

  • Live Creative ~ When you are not creating, take in the arts. Explore other artists works, daydream; actively seek inspiration. To be an artist, you must see the world through the eyes of an artist. Take in the little things.

  • Alone Time ~ Self reflection is an integral part of creating art.

  • Keep it Simple ~ Instead of looking at the entire tree, or the complete face… focus on a single branch, or a prominent feature. Do NOT look at "The big picture."

  • Mood Doesn't Matter ~ Always try! Don't let your mood hamper your attempts to create. You may surprise yourself. Just remember, if it's not going smoothly from the start. "Don't force it!" You can go back to it later.

  • Avoid Deadlines ~ Commission work is extremely taxing, both emotionally, and physically. Do not accept commission work until you're no longer struggling with "Artist Block," period.

  • Create For You ~ Referring back to: Avoiding deadlines. If people want to buy your art, they'll buy whatever you create. Do not put pressure on yourself! Go into your projects without expectations.

  • Music ~ Start with music. Allow it to alter your state, let it touch your soul. Listen to something that gives you "goosebumps." Tip: If the music can't give you the feels, art may be iffy at that moment, but always try!

  • Be Original ~ It's fine to follow the methods of other artists… one must learn after all. However, the moment you develop a few skills, you must find your own way. It's easy to get trapped in videos, tutorials, and lessons… constantly comparing yourself to others. The freedom to create without personal boundaries lies within you. Your canvas, whatever it may be, awaits.

Most important of all, have fun! Art should make you happy! Regardless of the type of art, or the media you prefer… creating art should bring you joy. Never push yourself to the point of anger, or defeat. Simply walk away, "Don't force it," try again later.

"Artist Block" is nothing more than an illusion. A simple trick brought on by your mind's eye. The logical side of your brain, telling the creative side "you can't do it." I promise, you can! Negativity is a learnt behavior. As is such, it can be deleted from your process.

As you begin to set into practice some of these tips, I hope you are relieved of any creative blocks you may be experiencing.

Much love everyone!


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